Crafting a meaningful brand.

Passion for building brings its own rewards and that's most obviously reflected in the awards lining the walls of the Maddren office. While justifiably proud of their houses they also recognised that their brand needed to reflect their unique approach to building contemporary homes with a traditional ethos.


Through internal and external research, we gained a deep understanding of the needs of potential Maddren Homes customers, identifying the value Maddren Homes could offer, and where they could differentiate from the builders.

This led us to the brand idea ‘Contemporary Traditional’, expressing Maddren Homes desire to retain a strong connection to the lessons of tradition, while maintaining an open mind to the opportunities of the future. 


“Craft to me is hands on old school knowledge. You need to know the principles and that comes with experience.”

– Rodger Scott CEO


Something as basic as your business address contributes to how your brand is perceived. For that matter, every time someone walks into your business and looks around, visits your website, meets an employee, or glances at your ad, that person forms an impression that leads to a mind-set about your product or service.


We help businesses build themselves.