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1 in 6 (16%) of the population donate regularly to charities. They are most likely to be female (79%) with children aged 35-54, living in higher socio economic areas. 50% are double income earners and they have a sense of duty and responsibility towards society. There are currently more than twenty thousand registered charities in New Zealand.


“Fusion have found the perfect balance between the ‘small agency’ personal touch, and the ‘boutique agency’ scale and expertise.”

– Phillpa Green

Breast Cancer Cure is New Zealand's only not-for-profit organisation established solely to support research into breast cancer. Funds raised are allocated to only the most outstanding and visionary research and researchers in New Zealand.


With so many online channels now available to communicate through, the task of generating the content can quickly overwhelm a small team. The key to success is choose the channels that match your audience and your capabilities, then focus on closing the marketing loop. A small amount of good content is far more valuable than a large amount of bad.


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