Fusion Communications

A blend of a uniquely optimistic creative and a pragmatic number 8 wire approach to getting things done.


Ideas can be stolen, talent poached and prices undercut. Products fall out of fashion, and business models become obsolete. 

Regardless of your industry, 90% of what you do is the same as your competition. The remaining 10% is unique to you. It’s your vision, your personality, your belief. Its doing things your way. The 90% is what people expect. The 10% is what people buy. We help you make that 10% your brand because it's the one sustainable difference you take to the bank.

We believe every company has something unique, a spark, a way of doing things. It’s their most important sustainable asset and it needs to be continuously developed and cherished.

So we help businesses to become more of themselves and less of everyone else. We rejuvenate and revitalise. We deliver a renewed sense of energy, optimism and possibility. We believe that somebody will always try to copy what you do. But nobody can ever steal who you are.


Our values

Retail is Detail

Obsess over the details. Be fanatical about the result.


Question Like a Kid

Sidestep the obvious and challenge assumptions. Be thirsty for knowledge. Connect the dots.


No Worries

Let your talent speak for itself. Be quietly confident, never arrogant.


Strapped for Cash

Help others through your time, knowledge or means. Give without an expectation of getting.


You ain’t wrong

Stand in their shoes, feel with their heart, and see with their eyes.


Rattle your Dags

Uplift. Energise. Inspire. Get ithe job done.